Our Approach

At Measured Direction Analytics, we think of analytics as consisting of three deliberate activities:

  • Listen: Collect the information that you need to develop understanding.
  • Understand: Interpret the information in the context of your business.
  • Act: Create means to share and act upon the resultant insights.

When these activities combine into business processes with feedback loops and action, they become a powerful agent of change.

We'd love to discuss how we can bring positive change to your organization through analytics.

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The data are out there.

Every minute of every day, your company is getting information. Your customers, your employees, your operations, your process, and the outside environment are all creating singals which can drive sucess for your business or stave off disaster.

We help to identify these sources and set up cost-effective means to collect data in a way to drive analysis.

The data contain a powerful message.

Collection isn't enough - in order to be a successful analytics organization, you need to integrate the people, process, and technology needed to drive insight.

Analytics tools today are both increasingly powerful and cost-efficient. We help companies, reagrdless of size and budget, navigate the current tools landscape to develop bespoke solutions and processes that create opportunity.

Action follows good analytics.

One of the biggest hurdles that most companies face with their analytics investments is moving from insight to action.

We are specialists in driving action - developing data visualizations, running marketing experiments, automating media allocations, and other actions that are informed by analysis. We can help you "bake in" action from your analytics activities by beginning them with the end in mind.


What We Can Do for You

Digital Analytics

Understand how your customers are using your websites and apps and act upon it. From implementation to operationalization, we've been doing digital analytics since the early days of the web. Benefit from our experience.

Data Intergation

Do your data lie in two different CRM's, three databases, and a handful of third-party tools? We've got you covered. We can help you integrate data from multiple platforms into a single data warehousein the cloud for analytics and operational use.

Survey Research

Sometimes the best way to get your pressing customer questions answered is to ask them. We can help you build an effective Voice of Customer program that goes far beyond NPS.

Testing and Optimization

The market presents itself as a laboratory to be constantly testing and refining creative, media mix, positioning, venues, and a host of other variables that affect your marketing and operations. Let us help you identify these opportunities for optimization.

Survival Analysis

Sell products on a subscription basis? Do you depend on repeat customers? We are obsessed with helping companies understand the dynamics of customer attrition an retention.

Machine Learning

It has never been easier to build and operationalize machine learning models for prediction, pricing, customer segmentation, and a host of other uses. We can help you navigate the technology and get your models up and running.


Who We Are

Tom Miller

Managing Director

Tom is the founder and Managing Director of Measured Direction Analytics LLC.
Tom is an analytics practitioner and manager with 15+ years' experience delivering value to organizations by developing the culture, people, process, and technology needed to execute winning data-informed digital strategies. He has driven value by leading analytics teams and projects for agencies, non-profits, and companies ranging in size from three-person startups through Fortune 50 multi-nationals.


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Farmington, Connecticut, USA

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